Tango U-405 PP Output Transformers

Ordered a pair of Tango U-405 PP output transformers for my next project, KT66 / EL34 push-pull mono blocs. I planned to use the schematic of Leak TL12 point one as my reference. May change the gain stage from EF86 to 12AX7 or ECC85.


In love with Joanna Wang

The other day, my wife borrowed a CD from one of her colleague and told me this girl, Joanna Wang was one of the hottest singer song writer from Taiwan. At that time, I mistoke this Joanna Wang with another similar singer called Susanna Wong and thought, 'Susanna Wong is actually not that good.' Of course I noticed I was wrong when looking at the CD cover. Joanna's debut album, , is so damn good. Her voice is so devine that can easily pierce through one's hearth. There are a few cover songs in the album, including Spandau Ballet's greatest hit, True. Check her out from her official website: http://www.sonybmg.com.tw/pop/joanna/musicplayer1.htm


Modifying crossovers of my Heresies

I just read some posts from Klipsch forum that it's about time to change those capacitors in Klipsch Heresy I. These posts made my heart itchy that I finally bought 4 Jensen 2.2uF 100V from a locally tube audio supply shop. After I put in those Jensen, I didn't realize there's any audiable difference. Damn! "Maybe the caps need some time to run-in..."

The owner of the shop also encouraged me to own a pair of Tango U-808 output transformers. The opinions on the web also confirmed the quality of these trannies. So, may I will get one next month...


My single-ended EL34 tube amplifier

Since I was addicted to the sound produced by the cheap Motorola singled ended EL84 console amp, I decided to build an SE amp with more power. At that time, I had a few Chinese Shuguang EL34s on hand, I decided to go for an EL34 SE.

The chasis was made in China, purchased from a DIY supply shop in Sham Shui Po, Hong Kong. All trannies were Hong Kong made. Dirt cheap. I thought, "This EL34 is just a start. When I have gained more experience, I would eventually build a 2A3 SE."

Power tranformer:

Output transformers:


Trannies installed:

Filament leads soldered:

The outlook seemed not bad:


With tubes

These were the parts take from another tube amp:

It didn't take too long to do the soldering:

At first, 12AT7 was used as the gain stage, with 36K plate load resistor:

It could also take KT88. Of course not optimized for that: