In love with Joanna Wang

The other day, my wife borrowed a CD from one of her colleague and told me this girl, Joanna Wang was one of the hottest singer song writer from Taiwan. At that time, I mistoke this Joanna Wang with another similar singer called Susanna Wong and thought, 'Susanna Wong is actually not that good.' Of course I noticed I was wrong when looking at the CD cover. Joanna's debut album, , is so damn good. Her voice is so devine that can easily pierce through one's hearth. There are a few cover songs in the album, including Spandau Ballet's greatest hit, True. Check her out from her official website: http://www.sonybmg.com.tw/pop/joanna/musicplayer1.htm


Modifying crossovers of my Heresies

I just read some posts from Klipsch forum that it's about time to change those capacitors in Klipsch Heresy I. These posts made my heart itchy that I finally bought 4 Jensen 2.2uF 100V from a locally tube audio supply shop. After I put in those Jensen, I didn't realize there's any audiable difference. Damn! "Maybe the caps need some time to run-in..."

The owner of the shop also encouraged me to own a pair of Tango U-808 output transformers. The opinions on the web also confirmed the quality of these trannies. So, may I will get one next month...


My single-ended EL34 tube amplifier

Since I was addicted to the sound produced by the cheap Motorola singled ended EL84 console amp, I decided to build an SE amp with more power. At that time, I had a few Chinese Shuguang EL34s on hand, I decided to go for an EL34 SE.

The chasis was made in China, purchased from a DIY supply shop in Sham Shui Po, Hong Kong. All trannies were Hong Kong made. Dirt cheap. I thought, "This EL34 is just a start. When I have gained more experience, I would eventually build a 2A3 SE."

Power tranformer:

Output transformers:


Trannies installed:

Filament leads soldered:

The outlook seemed not bad:


With tubes

These were the parts take from another tube amp:

It didn't take too long to do the soldering:

At first, 12AT7 was used as the gain stage, with 36K plate load resistor:

It could also take KT88. Of course not optimized for that: